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What do we do ?

National Mining Contract

Beralb has been contracted for several years with the Albanian Government for the exploitation and taking cares of mines and underground.

Exclusive contracts

The multi-year contract guarantees the investment of the company in this field.

Concession agreement

Beralb has the right to enter into concession agreements with third parties for cooperation in mining business.

Mineral extraction

The main activity is the extracting of copper ore from the national underground.

Copper processing plant

Copper ore refining and cleaning can be done partly or wholly in our specialized factories.

Exports of minerals

The company's main profit comes from copper ore exports, which contain on average 1.5% Cu. This benefit grows as much as mineral is cleaned after lowering transport costs.

Let's Work Together

We invite for contact and negotiation any company inspired to cooperate with us in the field of mineral production. Please click on the documentation below.

Productive Partnership

60 million USD investmentsin the albanian copper industry
Treatment capacity of Fushe Arrez plant is 600.000 ton/year of copper ore
Actual capacity 850.000 tons of copper ore with an average 1,5 % Cu
Potential of the copper ore in Albania is calcolated in 52 milion tons
Deep improvement in modern tecnologies applied and staff safety

What We Offer

The Mine

The Mine gallery and all necessary permitions

Our Staff

Our Specialists, engineers and operators

Our technologies

Our machines, vehicles, auxiliaris mean  and technologies

Export permitions

Transport and export permitions

Our Mines

Want To Join Us ?

Team Members

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