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Our Management

The Headquarters of BERALB are located in the capital city of Albania, in Tirana where are the main offices of the Management Team and the administration staff. The company is organized with four other administrative points where is developed the exploration, mining and processing activity. The company operates in the copper dressing plant of Fushe Arres and in three mines Munella, Lak Roshi and Karma-2. Its headquarters are located in Tirana.


Tirana Office


Munella Mine


Lak Rosh Mine


Flotation Plant               


Turkish Expert Personnel



430 Employees


The Board of Directors of the company is located in Turkey but there is a monthly Meeting in Albania with the participation of all Directors where the activity of the company and the perspective are discussed.

Related Administration for the mines and plant are located in Fushe Arres, Munelle, Lak Roshi and Karma. In each place is the Director of the facility (mine or plant) with its entire staff for technical and administrative. A group of experts from different fields of the mining activity such as geology, mining, processing and financial create the Scientific Division which proposes to the
Board the direction for further activities and expansion of the activity in Albania.


Organigrama of Beralb Sh.A

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Some of Our Facts

Mineral Capacity Ton / Year
Copper Concentrate Production Ton / Year
Our Employees
Cooper Mines under Our Administration

Productive Partnership

60 million USD investmentsin the albanian copper industry
Treatment capacity of Fushe Arrez plant is 600.000 ton/year of copper ore
Actual capacity 850.000 tons of copper ore with an average 1,5 % Cu
Potential of the copper ore in Albania is calcolated in 52 milion tons
Deep improvement in modern tecnologies applied and staff safety

Team Members

Emer Mbiemer| Administrator |
Tekst pershkrues
Emer Mbiemer| Operation Manager |
Tekst pershkrues
Emer Mbiemer| Chief Ingeneer |
Tekst pershkrues