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Human Resourses

Technical engineering staff, includes engineers of all professions related to mining activity underground, mining workings opening and exploitation, infrastructure construction, processing of copper ore, safety, study and project preparations, ranging from geologist, geodesy, geophysics, mining, marksheder, construction, mechanical, electrician, chemist engineers, accountant and economists. company The contribution of both Albanian and Turkish engineers is a model of cooperation at BERALB.

At Munella, Lak Roshi and Karma-2 Mines and Fushe Arrez plant, so far, are employed 40 qualified specialists, who serve in the activity of our facilities and more than 50 technicians with professional high school degree for all the professions related to the mining activity. Most of the workers are with high school education.

From the graph, is revealed the increase in the number of the people employed at BERALB during the last years.

BERALB Sh.A is the main provider of the employment in the Puka Area. BERALB support to the population of the area, is not only connected with the company activity as employee, but also by working as sub contractor in different auxiliary activities, such as transport of the concentrate, construction of roads, and other objects needed for the mining activity.

Beralb owns the mining rights on copper ore bodies in Albania with calculated geological reserves of about 14 million tons of copper ore. This value will be increased further with new mining permits to about 17 million tons, which are under the approval process. By the end of 2016, the company will increase the extraction capacity, to 850 thousand tons of copper orewith an average grade of 1.5 % Cu,(for its objects under concession agreement and the other objects with mining permits), and intend to extend its activity in all copper objects in Albania.


Number of employees in years

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Some of Our Facts

Mineral Capacity Ton / Year
Copper Concentrate Production Ton / Year
Our Employees
Cooper Mines under Our Administration

Productive Partnership

60 million USD investmentsin the albanian copper industry
Treatment capacity of Fushe Arrez plant is 600.000 ton/year of copper ore
Actual capacity 850.000 tons of copper ore with an average 1,5 % Cu
Potential of the copper ore in Albania is calcolated in 52 milion tons
Deep improvement in modern tecnologies applied and staff safety

Team Members

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