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Also at this plant is treated the copper ore of Lak Roshi copper mine, which is characterize form a pyrite-chalcopyrite ore bodies with a high degree of the pyritisation process. In this plant at its free capacity is planned to be treated also the mineral which will come from the Karma-2 mine, in order to make full treatment capacity for the Fushe Arresi copper treatment plant. In the plans of the company is the construction of a new ore processing plant in the Mirdita area.

Several studies were carried out to investigate the beneficiation possibilities of poly metallic Munella and Lak Roshi deposits ore. The principal aim of the mineralogical examinations has been that to obtain data about the structural and textural relations among the different mineral phases (i.e. amount of intergrowth of the ore minerals and distributions of minerals within the samples), and of verifying the presence of precious metals inside the mineral phases. Both aspects are particularly interesting in the definition of a successive treatment flow sheet. Evaluation of the mineral composition reveals that the main minerals are pyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, and bornite, limonite in a very small amount. Other minerals, which go with the gangue minerals, are hematite and barite. Gangue minerals are composed mainly from quartz.

Company has realized different studies to increase parameters in ore treatment especially for the recovery of Zinc, which still from the calculation is not at the economical point. Recently company as a part of its scientific activities has realized two studies to increase the recovery and possibilities to increase the recovery of Au, Ag and other precious elements.

The plant is equipped with the tailing storage. Even for them the company carried out a study for possibility of recycling the recover copper and other minerals. Some pilot and industrial test are promising.

Electricity supply is realized from the sub station of Fushe Arres and guarantees the supply for the plant even in case to increase the capacity. The company has made reconstruction in the sub station for the electric equipment and rebuild the electric line 1.5 km from the sub station to the plant to have a secure electricity supply.

Water supply is realize from the river which runs in front of the factory and is part of the facilities granted from the concession agreement, in her plans the company is seeing the recycling of the water from the tailing dam. The plant is using a modern technology and new equipment arriving from METSO, with high efficiency and is fully automatized.

The personnel of the plant are professional with long experience in the processing of copper ores.As we see from the graphs due to large investments in the new equipment and modern technologies, the parameters for the treatment of the ore has bee