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Environment Rehabilitation

"Care for the environment", is one of the priorities of BERALB, with regard to  reduce environmental risks and improve the conditions of their assets.

In addition to the exploitation and treatment processes, BERALB has undertaken the ongoing rehabilitation of the mining areas and monitoring of all environmental parameters to meet the norms and standards laid down in Albanian and European environmental legislation.

The company has established laboratories for the analysis of stream processes in the plant, frequently monitoring discharging from the mines and analyzing the mining waste. The company is considering the recycling of the waste (deposited in years to the dam) with the aim to realize processing of copper ore tailings.

Part of the company responsibility to the environment is the protection of the dam and management of waste in Fushe Arresi treatment plant based on the standards for the waste deposition.

The parameters of discharging are under constant monitoring and are within the  standards for discharging. 

Constant monitoring

In the mines of Munella and Lak Roshi the company operates the deposit for the decantation of the solids and chemical treatment of the waters in order to reach the normal pH.

 For the future, the company in cooperation with the governemant and other international institutions will involve in the rehabilitation of the old dams of ex state enterprices operating in the copper industry.

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Some of Our Facts

Mineral Capacity Ton / Year
Copper Concentrate Production Ton / Year
Our Employees
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Productive Partnership

60 million USD investmentsin the albanian copper industry
Treatment capacity of Fushe Arrez plant is 600.000 ton/year of copper ore
Actual capacity 850.000 tons of copper ore with an average 1,5 % Cu
Potential of the copper ore in Albania is calcolated in 52 milion tons
Deep improvement in modern tecnologies applied and staff safety

Team Members

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