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Currently BERALB SHA is the only mining company, which conducts mining activities in copper ore exploitation in Albania.

  • Location of the plant: Fushe Arrez - Puke
  • Capacity: 600.000 tpy
  • Copper Concentrate Production: 45.000 tpy
  • Working Day: 330 days/year
  • Number of Technical Administrative Employees: 20
  • Number of Employees: 118


Processing of the copper ore is realized in the enrichment plant of Fushe-Arrëz which lies north of the town of Fushe-Arrëz.
At the plant are treated copper ore from two mines Munella and Lak Roshi with grade which varies from 0.9-2% Cu. Recovery in the plant is at the range 84-86% for a copper concentrate with grade 18-20% Cu
In the year 2004 restarted to work the Fushe Arrez Copper Dressing Plant. Even that in those years the price of copper has been very low, so regardless of copper concentrate sales were unfavorable for the company, was continued investment for capacity expansion and introduction of modern technologies for new technological process and its automation.


After finishing the investment in the first plant of Fushe Arres in which the technology applied reached a treatment capacity of 360 000 tons / year with an investment of 21 million USD, during the period 2009-2011 a new investment of 13 million USD is realized for the second processing plant in Fushe Arres, which increased the treatment capacity for the copper ore in these two plants at 600,000 tons/year, or 150% (360 000 tons/year) more treatment capacity of copper ore, above the level provided in the concession contract.

At this plant is treated Munellacopper mineral represented from different types of ore. First type represents an ore with pyrite and chalcopyrite where copper and sulfur contents are 0.77 and 8.2% respectively. Second type represents an ore with sphalerite and pyrite where zinc content is 1.5% and 2.9% sulfur one. Third type is a chalcopyrite ore, massive in nature, where copper content is 2.01% and 36% sulfur one. The fourth type represents copper- zinc-sulfur ore where their content is 0.66, 1.00 and 4.28% respectively.