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Scientific Activity

In order to reach high results in exploration, mining and mineral processing activities, there is necessity for a genuine scientific work. Different projects have been developed from the company in three directions:

  1. Exploration of new reserves, verification of the old ones and international standardization of the reserves;
  2. Safe and Effective exploitation system and rational exploitation of mineral reserves;
  3. Mineral processing.

The company has invested in the equipment for exploration, staff preparation and infrastructure for international standardization of the mineral reserves. The technical staff is specialized in the application of the new techniques of exploration. A real scientific work is realized from company geologists for the verification of the mineral reserves, geometry of the ore bodies, creation of the database (DATAMINE Application, ARCGIS are now tools which are used not only in the main office but also in the mines) for all the copper ore bodies of Mirdita-Puka region for which the mining rights are granted to BERALB.

BERALB specialists in collaboration with foreign specialists have already created great experience thanks to their continuous training which will serve the company's ongoing research for accurate estimates of the copper reserves and for new ideas for further investment in this region.

A group of technical staff of the company in cooperation with the well known Swedish company METSO, realized the reconstruction of the processing plant by changing both the flow sheet of treatment and the flow sheet of equipment, turning the processing plant into a profitable unit in the company investments. Scientific work at the plant continues with aim to increase the recovery, especially the precious metal one. Recently, there have been realized two studies on this direction to evaluate the structure of the precious metals such as gold and silver and to give answer to the ways for their recovery.

A modern laboratory is installed at the processing plant. Its equipment allows scientific staff of the company and its experts to achieve a genuine scientific work.


Modern Lab

BERALB staff in cooperation with other scientific centers have started the application of the exploitation system by backfilling, which decrease the losses from 15-20% to 5 %, as well as the dilution from 10-15% to 5 %. This is a big step in the mining and will be applied in all mines that will enter into operation in the future. The operating system, which guarantees a much poorer ore and a small amount of its losses, making simultaneously a rational exploitation of the copper reserves in the deposit, increases at the same time the technical-economic indicators in the exploitation of mineral and further in its enrichment processes.

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Some of Our Facts

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Productive Partnership

60 million USD investmentsin the albanian copper industry
Treatment capacity of Fushe Arrez plant is 600.000 ton/year of copper ore
Actual capacity 850.000 tons of copper ore with an average 1,5 % Cu
Potential of the copper ore in Albania is calcolated in 52 milion tons
Deep improvement in modern tecnologies applied and staff safety

Team Members

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